Jersey Chartered Directors

View current chartered directors in Jersey

We are very fortunate to have a number of Chartered Directors in Jersey:
  • Annette Cullen
  • Brian Charles James
  • Carole Piazza-Pallot
  • Christopher Lintell
  • Clive Stanley Jones
  • Daragh McDermott
  • David Brian Padfield
  • David Paul Myatt
  • Gary Godel
  • Geoff Cook
  • Helier Smith
  • Ian Burns
  • Ian Michael Jauncey
  • Justin Clapham
  • Kathleen Gillen
  • Kevin Charles Keen
  • Louise Joyce Follain
  • Mark Cleary
  • Mark John Rothery
  • Mary Margaret Curtis
  • Miguel Fernando Arraya
  • Nigel Jeacock-Fewtrell
  • Noel Henry McLaughlin
  • Philip Cameron Taylor
  • Richard Plaster
  • Ross Davey Willcox
  • Simon Burgess
  • Simon Hull
  • Simon Prescott
  • Stephen Haigh
  • Steve Camm
  • Timothy Clive C Pedley

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