Diploma in Company Direction

This three-day module of the Diploma in Company Direction provides a unique opportunity to put your skills to the test as you act as a board member to tackle a real-life boardroom scenario, mirroring in many ways the operation of a board.

Who should attend?

Experienced directors and senior leaders who have completed the Certificate in Company Direction and wish to further their development with practical application and understanding of the knowledge and skills required at board level.

Course objectives

Participation on this course will enable you to:

  • Understand your board’s role, its dynamic, power, influence and conflicts
  • Gain knowledge of important topics: risk and crisis management, decision-making, mergers and acquisitions, and board performance
  • Understand relevant techniques and tools to improve personal skills and that of the board
  • Evaluate and improve the performance of your board, its committees and individual directors

When you have passed the examination you will be awarded the Diploma in Company Direction. This is also an essential step for achieving Chartered Director status, the professional qualification that recognises the professionalism and experience of directors.

Course fees

Company Direction Virtual Programme Certificate & Diploma level Fees
Role of the Director and the Board8-9 April
15-16 April
26-27 April

6-7 May
20-21 May

7-8 June
24-25 June

1-2 July
19-20 July

2-3 August
12-13 August

2-3 September
23-24 September

11-12 October
20-21 October

4-5 November
22-23 November

1-2 December
13-14 December
Finance for Non-Finance Directors21-23 April

5-7 May
24-26 May

7-9 June
21-23 June

5-7 July
21-23 July

18-20 August

13-15 September

4-6 October
18-20 October

1-3 November
17-19 November

6-8 December
Leadership for Directors12-13 April

17-18 May

3-4 June
14-15 June

8-9 July

2-3 August

8-9 September
20-21 September

4-5 October

4-5 November

2-3 December
Strategy for Directors26-28 April

12-14 May

7-9 June
23-25 June

19-21 July

23-25 August

20-22 September

13-15 October

24-26 November

1-3 December
Completion of above 4 modules =
Certificate Level
Enrolling for Certificate£8,350
Developing Board Performance5-7 May
17-19 May
24-26 May

1-3 June
9-11 June

7-9 September
27-29 September

4-6 October
13-15 October
Completion of above 4 modules +
Developing Board Performance =
Diploma Level
Enrolling for Diploma£11,345

Certificate & Diploma Level completion includes exam fees which had not been previously included. Additional cost of IoD Membership – currently £145.  Agreement with IoD Pall Mall to waiver joining fee until 31 March 2021. To book onto our Company Direction Programme, please contact Josh Ngondo directly at IoD Pall Mall on [email protected]IoD.com

Certificate in Company Direction Exam Dates - 2021
Closing dateExam dateResult
10 February10 March7 April
10 March7 April5 May
7 April5 May 2 June
26 May23 June21 July
14 July11 August8 September
25 August22 September20 October
6 October3 November1 December
10 November8 December12 January 2022
Diploma in Company Direction Exam Dates - 2021
Closing dateExam dateResult
10 February
10 March7 April
26 May23 June21 July
6 October3 November1 December