Under the Radar Talent - recording (Thursday 28 April 2022)

Recruitment and retention is a major issue for a lot of organisations. The Great Resignation is a statistical fact as people have reassessed their lives, but it’s up to us as employers to seek out diverse talent for our teams.

Our ‘Under the Radar Talent’ event, is a great opportunity to hear from experts who will discuss how we, as employers, can support people back into the workforce. This can be by providing practical support (ie mentoring, work experience, training etc) for those wishing to return to work following a period of extended leave, including women who have taken time out to have a family, or those who’ve been out of work due to a long-term illness or disability for example.

Panel Session:

Denise Heavey, Recruitment Specialist - GR8 Recruitment UK

Alexandra Ruddy, Founding Director - Oben Regulatory

Stuart Penn, Acting - Head of Service - Government of Jersey

Steph De La Cour, Disability Inclusion Officer - Government of Jersey

Daniel Read, Senior Counsel (Employment) – Walkers Jersey


Jess Dunsdon, News Presenter - ITV Channel Television

For those of who you were unable to make ‘Under the Radar Talent’ on Thursday 28th April 2022 and would like to watch the presentation, please click here.

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