Authentic Confidence 'Living Wisely and Well' recording with Joanne Reid-Rodrigues (14 January 2022)

To ensure 2022 begins on a constructive and affirmative note, Joanne will give you effective wellness strategies to help you achieve peak health and develop the courage to be true to yourself.

To be fully productive in work and in life, we need a healthy body and mind. In this transformational webinar, Joanne covers three essential areas to help you achieve confidence in mind and body.

  1. Lifestyle guidance for inner balance and vitality.
  2. Pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone - turning courage into confidence.
  3. Authentic confidence and authentic power - understanding the difference, and why both are yours to claim.

Natural optimism and vitality are life-enhancing. we enter the New Year, Joanne will help you connect fully with your authentic power and live with purpose.

For those of who you were unable to make this webinar and would like to watch the presentation, please visit our IoD Jersey Vimeo account.

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