IoD Members Hub - October 2021

Welcome to the October edition of the monthly IoD Members Hub. Here you can find useful information and content that our members have submitted as they may be beneficial to others.

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IoD members are invited to the launch of Springboard, Jersey’s first ever crowdfunding platform, on 8 July at DJX, Red Houses. Ahead of the event, which will also involve networking for Digital Jersey members and for anybody interested in this significant new development, we asked their Head of Strategy and Policy James Haywood to tell us more about it.

I was watching an episode of Dragons’ Den the other night where there was the usual array of brilliantly organised and utterly ill-prepared people walking into the ‘den’ to pitch their business ideas.

Most fell at the first hurdle, some were clear winners from the moment they opened their mouths, while a small handful managed to rescue victory from the jaws of defeat.

It reminded me of a number of conversations I’ve had with digital start-ups in the island in recent months about their experiences of trying to gain investment, about the amount of effort the process (rightly) takes, and of the need to, somehow, find a way to turn that pipeline of investment from a trickle to something more akin to a gush as Jersey charts a path out of the economic shock of the past 18 months.

It’s why, we have been working closely with Jersey Business to create Springboard, a crowdfunding platform designed to help all businesses in the island, not just digital businesses, secure funding for specific projects and purposes.

While you may be familiar with exiting crowdfunding sites, what we’ve created is a very Jersey solution to a very Jersey problem.

We’re in the curious position right now where there are brilliant businesses desperate for investment, and investors desperate to place their money with the right opportunity. But getting the two to meet has never been that easy.

Until now.

There are two distinct parts to Springboard – first a place where businesses can offer rewards-based crowdfunding to take their enterprises to the next level.

Perhaps they’re a business looking to expand or reimagine what they’re doing in a post-Covid world. But perhaps they’re also not wanting to give away equity in their business. This is the solution.

The second part of Springboard is for those looking to access larger investment, with a willingness to exchange that investment for a stake in their business. It might be somebody looking to raise capital to get that prototype into production.

For these people, Springboard will effectively be a bulletin board where investors can explore opportunities and get involved.

For businesses using Springboard, they will also get access to wrap-around support from Digital Jersey and Jersey Business, with access to office space, courses, specialist expertise, and mentors who’ve been there and done it.

Springboard is free to use. What gets raised by businesses through the platform goes to those businesses.

Join us for the official launch of Springboard at DJX, Red Houses, on Thursday 8 July from 5.45pm to 8pm.

Two local entrepreneurs, Aaron Chatterley who founded FeelUnique and is a partner at Faction Ventures, and Benedict Lewis who co-founded Flaze and has been through the process of seeking investment, will join us to share their expertise and experiences.

Unlike Dragon’s Den, I promise you the atmosphere will stay friendly every step of the way!

Visit to register.

William Church Consulting is open for business.

At the end of last year William left his previous position as Director of Sales and Marketing at The Jersey Royal Company and has set up his own consultancy to help and support others on projects or with ongoing business development.

A passionate individual with over 19 years’ Board experience, William is commercially aware and has a strong business acumen. With a background in FMCG, William became the face and voice of Jersey Royals, promoting the brand to clients and the end consumer using a broad range of marketing and PR tools, and is now in a position to impart that knowledge and expertise to others.

If you are looking for support to review a project or your business, to set new goals, to broaden your reach and to communicate key messages to all stakeholders internally and externally, then William can help.

To learn more and book a free consultation please visit

“Inspiring the next generation of Jersey’s sustainable finance leaders to #BuildBackBetter”.

KIT Consulting and Potting Shed, along with their generous inaugural sponsor, Rathbone Investment Management International, are delighted to announce the launch of Jersey #BuildBackBetter.

Jersey #BuildBackBetter is an educational initiative designed to upskill and inspire the island’s next generation of sustainable finance leaders. It is being launched in parallel to Jersey Finance’s sustainable finance strategy.

What is Jersey #BuildBackBetter?

Jersey #BuildBackBetter is a network of 30 next generation financial services leaders. Participants will be selected from across the Jersey financial services industry (banks, asset managers, funds, trust and corporate services providers, law firms, etc.).

Jersey #BuildBackBetter focusses on the most practical, applied and impactful ways that Jersey’s financial services industry can have positive global impact.

The network will benefit from:

  • A one-year programme of education and upskilling to build and embed sustainable finance expertise into industry.
  • A diverse and inclusive environment to raise questions, share views, express concerns and identify sustainable finance opportunities alongside industry peers.
  • An opportunity to shape the direction of the industry and help to build a global centre of excellence for sustainable finance.
  • Collaboration with Government and Jersey Finance, acting as a cross-industry think- tank to build the infrastructure and legislative environment required to support our sustainable finance ambition.
  • A classroom of leading edge sustainable finance case experience provided by a specialist consulting firm (KIT Consulting), a purpose-led marketing agency (Potting Shed), and their clients and partners around the world.
  • An apprenticeship in purpose-led branding and storytelling, helping our next generation of leaders communicate to the world their organisations’ purpose and the value of Jersey as a leading centre for sustainable finance.

Why Jersey #BuildBackBetter?

To be successful, the next generation of Jersey’s finance leaders will need to harness the power of the megatrends (technology, sustainability and the workplace of the future). With the right skills, experience and ambition, Jersey can deliver a world class response.

KIT Consulting are leading edge practitioners of sustainable finance, CSR, ESG, corporate purpose and shared value. We advise private and public sector clients such as the UNDP, G20 and HRH The Prince of Wales' Accounting for Sustainability Project.

Together with our partners, Potting Shed and Rathbone Investment Management International, we want to share our knowledge and experience to create the next generation of Jersey's sustainable finance leaders, helping our industry to #buildbackbetter on a global stage.

We are doing this because we believe our privileged industry has a critical role to play in providing solutions to global challenges, and that we have the right skills and experience to help develop the next generation of sustainable finance leaders.

Objectives of Jersey #BuildBackBetter:

  • To contribute to the adaptation of Jersey’s financial services industry to embrace global megatrends, with a specific focus on Sustainability.
  • To lead the charge within Jersey’s financial services industry to #buildbackbetter from the Covid pandemic.
  • To support Jersey Finance's ambition to build a centre of excellence for sustainable finance.

For more information, please visit

Airtel-Vodafone – helping keeping staff, customers, and premises safe from Covid 19 with temperature checking technology.

Developed in the UK, with proven use in multiple countries and industry sectors including the NHS and Transport for London, is a highly effective, automatic temperature monitoring solution which can prevent the spread of Covid-19 by identifying high temperatures of staff, clients and suppliers entering a building – a key Covid 19 symptom.   

 The solution is a valuable business continuity measure against Covid-19 and is available from

Airtel-Vodafone – official Channel Island partners of It includes the following key feature and benefits:

•       Temperature monitoring for individuals

•       Quick & contactless scan of up to 12 people per minute 

•       Easy to use with large display

•       Linked to access control 

•       Built in infrared temperature sensor and camera

•       Audio alert to inform users if a high temperature is detected

•       High Accuracy +/ - 0.3 °C

•       High temperature alerts sent by email

•       Real time remote monitoring via online dashboard 

Video overview: 

Visit the Airtel-Vodafone Castle Street store to see the solution in action.  

For more information or a demonstration contact [email protected]

Jersey Finance is delighted to extend its Membership programme to Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) based in Jersey.

With increased regulation and governance of international finance centres, the broad expertise that NEDs can bring in relation to the core principles of governance, as well as their professional experience, can play a vital role in the future success of our industry. Find out more

GR8 Employment Solutions Limited has been supporting the blue collar sector with their recruitment and training needs with local, European and global talent solutions for over two years and has become their sector leader in Jersey.

With the 2021 fast approaching and the implementation of Jersey’s Future Border & Immigration System only weeks away GR8 Work Permit Solutions Limited will offer a provision of a web based portal and CRM system that acts as a starting point for employers who have identified a employee for a role from outside the CTA to work in the Channel Islands to lead them through the process for 9 month and 3 year skilled work permits which will be a requirement apply for a work visa.

Managing Director Lee Madden said “ Our system allows business to outsource the often complex and time consuming process of harvesting the required information required for a work permit and presenting it in a format acceptable Jersey Customs & Immigration Service, enabling the final stages of on-boarding for staff who are to be employed from outside the CTA to be completed in a timely manner. Business leaders need to now, more than ever plan ahead for their recruitment needs to ensure that the required resource in place at the desired time, we always provide the right solution at the right time and can support you in your recruitment process into 2021 and beyond”

Should you like more information mail [email protected] or call 01534 488788.

Tim Rogers, Consultant Mentor Coach at Adapt Consulting Company is looking to provide free coaching to candidates or organisations (as part of ICF qualification).

I am experienced coach, mentor, consultant and trainer (see LinkedIn ).

I am approaching the mid-point in my ICF [International Coaching Federation] Course. To qualify as an ICF Associate Certified Coach I need a minimum of 100 hours (70 paid*) of coaching experience with at least eight clients. At least 25 of these hours must occur within the 24 months (and ideally by working together much sooner than that: possibly over the next 3 months). The coaching is supervised and mentored by ICF which offers assurance over the approach, quality and confidentiality.

I have included some example feedback below: The key point is that I am flexible to the needs of the client.

1. Consulting and Project management (I will do the task for you)
2. Teaching (I provide the tools, templates, training to do the tasks)
3. Mentoring (You own the task and have the knowledge. I support with my experience and observation)
4. Coaching (You are the expert. I support reflection and thought for you to develop your own ideas and path)

[1] Tim Rogers (Adapt Consulting) is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable business partner. He is able to distil complex matters into simple tasks. He is practical with advice and responsive to business needs with a clear focus on helping achieve the businesses objectives.

[2] Tim is one of those people who sees the bigger picture and works on achieving his vision. He is also very good at including and motivating others.

[3] I have no hesitation in recommending Tim. He has a great deal of experience and knowledge. Tim always gives 100% and brings a great deal of enthusiasm to every challenge.

[4] Tim’s passion and commitment has helped drive through a number of process improvements. He regularly seeks to challenge the norm, is innovative in his thinking and actively seeks to help others identify solutions to issues and problems across all business functions. Tim is a pleasure to work with and someone I trust to deliver.
of said information.

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