COVID-19: Political, Financial and Practical Support

As published in the Jersey Evening Post

“Whilst there has been concern from some of our IoD Jersey members regarding the overall strategic plan for the Island’s economy and the timely release of communications, since the Coronavirus situation has progressed, these are exceptional and challenging times for all concerned.

For this reason, it is imperative that now, more than ever, we all work together and collaborate for the benefit of Jersey Plc. Jersey is fortunate in that we have a robust economy and we have secure public finances.

The Government of Jersey has emphasised that it is doing everything it can to support all businesses and is continuing to work on further proposals. It is looking at a range of short and long-term arrangements, which are necessary to maintain the Island’s future economy and prosperity.

The announced measures to provide £180 million worth of support for our Island economy reflects the gravity of the situation. Furthermore, Government seems determined to provide political, financial and practical support to Islanders during this very difficult time, including sole traders and smaller businesses. We hope these and future measures will support continued employment across our economy and maintain key economic infrastructure through a period of unprecedented challenge.

In co-ordination with the latest medical advice, a considerable amount of work has been and continues to be undertaken behind the scenes. The Government of Jersey, business leaders and industry bodies are collaborating to ensure that agreed initiatives are consistent with the requirements of all parties and will be certain to deliver the necessary support. This includes regular Government led Business Liaison Group meetings, which have been held over the last few weeks, with representatives from all local business sectors in attendance, including hospitality, freight, retail, wholesale, utilities, finance and digital.

In addition to attending these meetings, I have also been liaising closely with Jersey Business, in conjunction with my role as Head of Legal & Technical at Jersey Finance, and with the Jersey Finance Marketing team, to ensure that the IoD Jersey is plugged in to all communications for our Members and the wider business community. To this end, and once the necessary financial injections into businesses have commenced, IoD Jersey will continue to support Jersey Business and Jersey Finance over the forthcoming months.

Specifically for our IoD Members, I have also been working closely with the IoD in the UK. There is significant information on the IoD UK website and a dedicated Coronavirus Support Hub has now been launched: I would also encourage our Members and non-Members to check our local IoD website regularly, where we will be ensuring updates and links to the latest information and initiatives are available.

If any IoD Members would like to request further information, feed back any concerns or raise queries, please don’t hesitate to contact IoD Jersey at [email protected], as we are here to help and assist where we are able to do so.”

Lisa Springate, Chair - IoD Jersey Branch

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