Jersey Loves Giving - "Businesses doing good in a very tangible way" (JEP - 18 November 2021)

The third sector in Jersey is critically important to our economy and to our community. It is often to charities that we turn for help and support when facing a critical illness, economic crisis, or simply to find like-minded people.

We have hundreds of charities registered in the Island, some small organisations working in specific sectors of Jersey, and others are international organisations with global outreach. From big name charities such as Durrell and Jersey Hospice, to the Jersey Bat Group, and Sanctuary Trust.

Many of these charities have had a tough eighteen months due to Covid. Fundraising events were cancelled, and charity shops and cafes closed in lockdown. The Island Global Research report on Charitable Giving in 2020, found a 16% decrease in donations from Islanders. One positive effect seen in the UK, was that there was a surge in payroll giving during the pandemic with donations up 6%. In Jersey, according to IGR, only 12% of Islanders were donating via a workplace giving scheme.

Payroll giving is an easy and effective way for us to support the charities in our community. Random giving, such as putting some coins in a collection box or visiting a charity shop, are essential fundraisers, but with payroll giving, your £1 donation can become £1.25 to the charity because the Government will give the tax back to them. All you have to do is donate £50 or more in a year. It’s an easy way to give and for the employer it is simply a case of setting the scheme up through their payroll software for anyone who wants to opt in. It's easy and virtually cost neutral to administer. Only those charities which are registered with the Charities Commission, are able to benefit. This ensures the money is going to an organisation which follows good governance guidelines.

Nowadays there are far fewer of us carrying cash around. We simply don’t have the loose change in our pockets to donate to the collection boxes. We are all used to subscription models in buying products. A regular payment of say £10 taken automatically and donated to a chosen charity, or charities, each month, would be barely noticed by the employee who has signed up to the scheme. Yet by the end of the year that person will have helped a charity by £150, thanks to their money and the Government contribution.

At IoD Jersey, we are partnering with the Association of Jersey Charities, to encourage more payroll giving in the Island. As leaders of our organisations, we have a responsibility towards the communities in which we live and do business. Our primary objective is to raise awareness with organisations and individuals about the benefits of payroll giving. Environment, sustainability, and governance are being talked about by many organisations as an essential part of their DNA. A simple payroll giving scheme is a straightforward way for an entire workforce to be able to show their support for Jersey charities of their choice. ESG shouldn’t just be talked about, it should be actioned and this is one of the easiest ways to do just that with minimum organisational impact.

Many businesses in Jersey are already working hard to make a difference to charities in the Island. There are lots of ways that we can support charities as employers and individuals. Jersey Finance is currently just over halfway through its three-year strategic partnership with The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation, which supports Jersey families with sick children undergoing treatment in the UK. JFL provides support to the charity with practical skills, knowledge, and the expertise of its staff, all of whom help on a voluntary basis with the ongoing activities of the foundation. The partnership forms part of the Jersey Community Partnership’s ‘Twinning for Impact: Take the Pledge’ campaign, which aims to encourage firms to ‘twin’ with local charities to support them with human as well as financial resources. Some organisations allow staff time away from the office to volunteer and fundraise, others have more structured volunteer teams within the workplace, or choose a charity to benefit from fundraising for that year.

We believe that by working in partnership, we can improve on the 12% workplace giving, and we’d welcome any organisations to get in touch and share their success with payroll giving schemes. The IGR report estimates that in 2020, £29million was donated to Jersey charities, which gives a rough estimate of around £3.5million for workplace schemes at present. It would be good to see that figure increase substantially. Payroll giving can become a bedrock of support for our Island’s charities giving individuals and businesses a straightforward way to play their part in supporting their community and causes, and our charities the peace of mind to know their work is funded.

If you would like to find out how Payroll giving can be easily actioned in your organisation, please get in touch with Kevin: [email protected]

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