Jersey Election 2022


There are many challenges ahead in a fast-changing world post-Brexit and post-pandemic, and as the impact of global warming increases. It is imperative that, now more than ever, we work together as an Island to build back better and have a clear long-term vision for the Island.

Prior to the next election in 2022, IoD Jersey has therefore launched an important campaign, the objectives of which are two-fold:-

1. To encourage a range of diverse, experienced and high calibre candidates to stand in the next election. This is to help ensure an environment where businesses can thrive for the sake of our Island and the future of its economy, young people and our lifestyles. IoD Jersey is remaining entirely neutral and impartial in this regard and is not supportive of any individuals or party/parties.

2. To work together to engage a wider and more representative pool of voters to exercise their right to do so.

Our focus

IoD Jersey wishes to focus not only on the short-term measures but on ensuring a clear long-term vision for the Island, as helpfully set out in the recent paper published by the independent Economic Council entitled “New Perspectives” which focuses on innovation, entrepreneurialism, technology, sustainability, education and regeneration.

Current supporters

IoD Jersey is very grateful for the considerable support which has already been shown for the campaign from Jersey Finance, Jersey Business, Leadership Jersey, Lean In Jersey, the Diversity Network, the Jersey Good Business Charter, the local media and many other stakeholders.

How can you support the campaign?

IoD Jersey would be very grateful if businesses and individuals can assist with this campaign by disseminating the assets (which we will be uploading to this website page in due course) to their workforce and by spreading the word to encourage others to vote and stand. In the interim, you may be interested in some recent interviews which Slingshot Films undertook. Click here.

Standing for Election

If you are interested in standing, it is likely you’ll have lots of questions such as How will standing for election affect my current job?’, Can I stand for election if I wasn’t born in Jersey?’, Is there support for me if I stand for election?’ — all these questions and more are answered on the official election website here: https://​www​.vote​.je/​s​t​a​n​d​i​n​g​-​i​n​-​t​h​e​-​2022​-​g​e​n​e​r​a​l​-​e​l​e​c​tion/

Voting in Jersey

Every time the States Assembly meets, it makes decisions that affect all of us on a day-to-day basis and for many years ahead. The starting point is making sure that the States Members who are making these decisions share your point of view, and will represent what you want life in Jersey to look like. You can only do this if you are registered to vote and vote via the postal vote before election day or via a Polling station on election day.

To be eligible to vote, you need to be over the age of 16. You also need to have lived in Jersey continuously for the last 2 years or have lived in Jersey for the last 6 months, plus another 5 years.

For further details as to why you should vote and how to do so, please visit the official election website here: https://​www​.vote​.je/​w​h​y​-​s​h​o​u​l​d​-​y​o​u​-​vote/

Who to contact

If you would like to do so, we would be grateful if you could contact our Branch Officer:

Zoë Wauton

Branch Officer & Membership

Media partners