Director of the Year (Innovation)

This award recognises leaders that have developed an innovative and transformational idea that displays creative thinking and that has beaten the competition and has been developed and applied to improve commercial performance, operational effectiveness or customer engagement.

Director of the Year (Public / Third Sector)

Open to directors whose business is a charity or not-for-profit organisation, which can generate a surplus, but exists to service the good of the community.

Director of the Year (Non-Exec)

This award recognises individuals that have made significant contribution to the organisation's strategy, impacted on the financial success of the company, demonstrated high ethical standards and promoted the practice of good corporate governance.

Director of the Year (New/Start-Up)

This award recognises upcoming leaders who have demonstrated excellent entrepreneurial potential, ability, ambition, creativity and vision in new or established businesses who have operated at director level for less than two years.

Director of the Year (Corporate Social Responsibility)

This award is aimed at leaders who can demonstrate how they integrate the success and smooth running of their business with a strong sense of responsibility and consideration for their role as a corporate citizen.

Chairman's Award for Excellence in Leadership

This award is the highest accolade in the Director of the Year Awards, recognising the personal imprint of the Jersey's most high profile leaders on the culture and success of their organisation's through outstanding professionalism and the implementation of best practice in governance and leadership.