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IoD Jersey Chair calls for 'stable and consistent policy'

IoD Jersey Chair calls for 'stable and consistent policy'

The Chair of the Jersey branch of the Institute of Directors (IoD) has called on Jersey’s government to focus on delivering stable and consistent policy against a backdrop of significant external and internal risks and in the run up to the Island’s General Election next year.

Speaking at the organisation’s Annual Members Meeting (AMM), held on 25th May, Chris Clark, currently serving the second year of his three-year term as Chairman of the IoD Jersey, said:

“We are a year from our local elections, and the noise seems to be not about achievements but more about failures and discord. Jersey faces challenges of a scale which we have not seen in many years, including Brexit externally, and funding, education and population locally. It is absolutely vital that the States of Jersey uses the coming twelve months to strike the right balance of achieving more with less, without negatively impacting the sectors of our community who have suffered since 2008, and without simply levying new charges on people and businesses to offset whichever new initiative they have come up with that quarter

“Joined-up, well-thought through, stable and consistent policy is critical for everyone in the face of the unprecedented risks we are now seeing. To that end, it remains a priority for us to ensure we meet regularly with ministers and senior civil servants so that we may be better placed to understand their challenges and have an opportunity to be both a sounding board and critical friend.”

Also at the meeting, IoD Jersey members appointed a new-look committee to support and represent the views of members for the coming twelve months. They are:

Rebecca Brewer, Mary Curtis, Lesley Dickie, Becky Hill, Shelley Kendrick, Adam Riddell, John Shenton, Lisa Springate and Ross Willcox. Kirsten Higgins remains Branch Officer, a role she has now held for ten years.

Also announced at the AMM were plans to continue to focus on diversity and encourage community engagement amongst members, whilst details were also confirmed for the IoD Jersey’s 2017 Annual Debate. Chris added:

“Increasing the attractiveness of the IoD to a more diverse membership remains a priority, particularly in reaching out to more women and a greater diversity in age. In addition, we have aspirations as an organisation to not only drive better business and a better economy but also a better community. We live in a social age and it’s important for us to acknowledge that working towards a common beneficial purpose for our wider community can have a positive impact where diversity and inclusion are concerned.

“We can be proud of what we have achieved this year, and to that end I’d like to say a big thank you to our committee members for their hard work. At the same time, I’m pleased to welcome our new committee for the what is likely to be a busy and exciting year ahead. In particular I’m pleased to confirm that the topic for our Annual Debate this year on 21st September will be ‘Funding the Future’, when we intend to explore the elements of our economy that make up the Island’s rich tapestry and the challenges we are likely to face in the years to come.”

The IoD Jersey has a membership of over 630, including business leaders representing a broad range of industries.